I’ve been using Mandala products for over 10 years and can’t imagine teaching UE grammar without them! The Literature for Grammar books are wonderful (and come with a key).
The grammar symbol stencils are necessary (buy more than you think you need), and my students LOVE the Grammo game.
— Melissa Lee - Upper Elementary Teacher
We love your materials. The kids are having so much fun with them and I look forward to getting more.
— Tawnya Dilling, Cranberry Township, PA
Our students are LOVING the revised math booklets. The colored covers are beautiful, help with organization, and are motivating for the students.
— Catherine Swanson, Teacher in Durham, NC
Mandala Resources is an invaluable resource to our lower elementary class. Anyone who observes our class always asks about these beautiful works, and we steer them to Mandala.

We have used the literature for grammar series in my classroom since 1991 as the backbone of our grammar work, using grammar box materials only as a support for this work. Children are engaged and able to progress at their own speed, and easily incorporate what they have learned into their own writing. The sequential, easy to copy booklets make record keeping easy, and the children love to move on to the next more challenging booklet. We have several children move into the advanced levels (geared for upper elementary) every year. The answer keys are helpful, as well, for the child to check her own work, or for the adults in the room!

The Elementary Class Planning Packet is the system we use for record keeping, curriculum planning, and yearly planning. It has been modified and refined over the years by Mandala, and the flexibility and comprehensiveness helps us to tailor the forms to fit each individual class. With this system we always know the progress of every child, and where they need to go. Our school is now using an online system of keeping records, however I find Mandala’s system easier to use so I merely plug that information into the online.

Land and water form study is exciting and easily managed with the materials from Mandala Resources. As recommended, we present the work in groups of five or six land and water forms- and the children use various ways to practice second period from making models in the sandbox, sculpting with clay or salt dough, booklets, charts, puzzles, etc. The goal of learning all 46 land and water forms is easily realized with this work.

One of the highlights for our third years is the Imaginary Island work.
It fosters cooperation, following directions, and easily reviews most of the geography lessons learned over the three years in Lower Elementary. The end product is a beautifully drawn and created Imaginary Island, with a detailed story to accompany the work.
— Chitra Alvarado, Montessori School of Durham