The Grammar Game with Shelf-Ready Stand


The Grammar Game with Shelf-Ready Stand



An interactive game for practicing grammar patterns-- only from Mandala Classroom Resources

This innovative game allows students to practice their knowledge of the nine parts of speech while creating their own sentences in common speech patterns. Using a magnetic game board and magnetic grammar symbol tiles, students build on each others' sentences to try to use up all of the game tiles and fill the board. Teachers can adjust the challenge by beginning with the first grammar symbols learned and then adding more. Older students can be challenged by restricting the use of more common adjectives, nouns, and adverbs, using a Thesaurus.

Included in the set are:

  • A sturdy, printed magnet board (12" square)

  • A set of magnetic grammar symbol tiles (90 count)

  • A soft, drawstring bag for the tiles

  • A game card with the rules of play

  • A shelf-ready wooden stand for game play and storage. This handsome stand holds The Grammar Game playing board snugly in a raised compartment. As tiles are added in play, they stay secured by a slight lip around all edges. The 2-inch high stand has space underneath to store the drawstring bag of tiles on a classroom shelf, and indented handles on all four sides allow students to carry the game easily to their work space. Made just for The Grammar Game.

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