The Advanced Grammar Game with Shelf-Ready Stand

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The Advanced Grammar Game.jpg

The Advanced Grammar Game with Shelf-Ready Stand


Item #G18

The upper elementary version of The Grammar Game, applying second level grammar knowledge

In this advanced version of the game, students practice their knowledge of the kinds of the parts of speech, (interrogative adjectives, collective nouns, numeral pronouns, etc) while creating their sentences on the game board. Students still build on each others' sentences, but they are also trying to use each of the kinds of parts of speech identified on their Checklist, which we provide in quantity. The Checklist applies a point system to entice the students to stretch their word usage to include parts of speech they may not normally consider (subordinating conjunction, intensive pronoun, for example). To refresh their memories, they can refer to a set of "Refresher" cards that give definitions and samples in a quick-reference format. The Advanced Grammar Game also includes additional tiles (more adjectives, pronouns and conjunctions) than the regular set.

Included in the set are:

  • A sturdy, printed magnet board (12" square)

  • A set of magnetic grammar symbol tiles (103 count)

  • A soft, drawstring bag for the tiles

  • A game card with the rules of play

  • A shelf-ready wooden stand for game play and storage

  • 13 Refresher cards on cardstock (1/2 page size)

  • A pad of 25 Checklist papers for student recording

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