SNAP - Student Needs Assessment Program


SNAP - Student Needs Assessment Program


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Help all students succeed with this school-wide assessment package

Schools across the country are experiencing an increase in the number of students who require extra support to achieve success. Some students may have attention problems, emotional issues, or developmental delays. Others may have excessive absences that are raising concerns about academic progress. But we have busy, multi-age Montessori classrooms, and so many lessons to teach. How many of these students don’t get the help they need in a timely way? How many teachers are frustrated by delays or confused about the best way to proceed?

We offer an easy-to-use but comprehensive process to help you provide consistent and timely support to students needing intervention. Using our copy masters, blank SNAP notebooks are made up at the beginning of the school year. The notebooks hold all of the forms, instructions, sample letters, and a timeline of steps to take: when a difficulty is noticed, the teacher simply opens a notebook and begins the process.

In addition to the benefit of greater success for students when you use our progam, your school can avoid some common enrollment and legal problems:

  • Matriculating a student because you don’t have the documentation to back up a decision to retain

  • Re-enrolling a family that has not complied with the school’s request for outside help

  • Disparities experienced by families in different classrooms

  • Resentment of teachers inheriting children from lower grades who have not received intervention

The set includes all master forms, complete instructions for teachers, completed sample forms, and a draft Policy on Academic and Social Progress for your school to adapt to support the SNAP process.

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