Making Sense of Sentence Analysis


Making Sense of Sentence Analysis


Item # G12

The key you need to teach Sentence Analysis easily on the lower elementary level

If you've had difficulty teaching Sentence Analysis with the traditional charts and boxes, you're not alone. To help you enjoy this important part of the curriculum, we've eliminated the grammar discrepancies in the charts and modified the content of the boxes to match the revised charts. We've keyed in on the essentials and prepared the sentences--to make it easier for you. Everything is organized clearly and is in photocopy-ready format for your permanent use.

Included in this set:

  • Five large (8.5 x 14 ) chart masters

  • Five standard (8.5 x 11) masters for class worksheets

  • 120 prepared sentences for all five charts

  • An answer key to all sentences

  • Three Logical Analysis master forms

  • 50 prepared sentences for Logical Analysis

  • A complete description of the modified contents of the Sentence Analysis boxes (use the same boxes, with a few changes)

  • Instructions for all material

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