Lower Elementary Class Planning Packet--Revised, with CD


Lower Elementary Class Planning Packet--Revised, with CD


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An invaluable resource to those just setting up a lower elementary class or those looking for new ways to manage their classes--2014 upgraded forms and processes are in this packet, and it now comes with a CD for optimum teacher convenience

This set is a series of finely tuned, professionally designed management forms for your Montessori classroom. It will help you organize the children's daily work, their year-long progress, and keep track of your lessons and observations. This total curriculum management plan includes a step-by-step guide for each form.

Teachers have asked us to provide a CD with the packet for years--and now we do! This allows teachers to tailor the forms to meet their particular needs if they need to, but the forms are designed to be ready to use just as they are. The process of managing the week and paperwork has been re-shaped a bit to be more precise.

The set includes:

  • Annual and Weekly Planning (for teachers)

  • Student Goal Plans

  • Class Weekly Summaries

  • Individual Weekly Summaries

  • Observations Form

  • Cumulative Student Record (3 year digital Montessori report)

  • Spelling Programs

  • Step-by-step instructions

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