Grammo!--A Grammar Bingo Game


Grammo!--A Grammar Bingo Game


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An active way to engage students in grammar analysis--fun, yet challenging

This "Bingo"-style game was designed by Mandala to be an exciting and engaging grammar choice for Montessori elementary classrooms. It is most suited to students ages 7 through 12 who have been introduced to the nine parts of speech and who have done some grammatical analysis of sentences in other class work. Grammo! provides three levels of carefully prepared sentences to challenge students to look carefully at the functions of words in sentences as they play the game. It engages students to think and to work together, and it helps them realize that grammar can be fun!

Included in the set, which comes in a sturdy shelf-ready box, are:

  • 4 play boards containing 3 sentences for levels A, B, and C, to total 12 play boards. These are 8-1/2 x 11", landscape, and are printed on card stock in three colors to match their levels: orange for adverb, purple for pronoun, and pink for conjunction.

  • A cloth bag containing plastic playing tiles of full-color printed grammar symbols: 28 articles, 40 adjectives, 32 nouns, 32 verbs, 20 prepositions, 20 conjunctions, 24 adverbs, and 24 pronouns

  • A game card with the rules of play

  • A set of answer keys, reduced size and in colors to match the play boards, in a pocket envelope

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