Art Timeline: 18 Movements and Teacher Guide


Art Timeline: 18 Movements and Teacher Guide


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Building art appreciation through guided research of both artists and Western art movements.

Learning to look at and appreciate a wide range of art work is an important part of any art curriculum--as important as creating art. Looking at others' art work also stimulates a child's own creative ideas. Art Timeline includes 2 research papers: Research of an Artist and Research of an Artistic Movement. These research papers give students a clear framework to begin, after which they can work independently. Along with the student research papers, the packet also includes teacher support materials: step by step instructions for creating a timeline in your classroom, brief descriptions of 19 important art movements in Western art and cards for each movement to be passed out to students. All included, this packet can be used for many various projects in your classroom.

These study sheets are designed to:

  • give students a framework to begin their research

  • increase knowledge and understanding of various artists

  • increase knowledge and understanding of various movements in art history

  • create more interest in how art has grown and changed over the centuries

  • integrate art into other academic areas

  • improve confidence in talking about art and having opinions

  • encourage students to try out different styles of art that they might not have tried before

  • create an art history timeline for the classroom

his packet is a valuable resource to any art teacher and to the regular classroom teacher who is integrating art into the curriculum. It is also handy to take along on museum trips.

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