Art Studies: Study of a Painting, Drawing, and Photograph


Art Studies: Study of a Painting, Drawing, and Photograph


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Art appreciation for every classroom

Learning to look at and appreciate a wide range of art work is an important part of any art curriculum--as important as creating art. Looking at others' art work also stimulates a child's own creative ideas. Art Studies includes guided study papers on three areas of art: paintings, drawings and photographs.  Study of a Painting and Study of a Photograph come in 4 parts that get progressively harder as the student becomes more adept at reading and writing and more knowledgeable about art. Study of a Drawing comes in 2 parts that are also progressive. All parts include the following concepts: observe, describe, analyze and judge. 
These study sheets are designed to:

  • increase the amount of time students spend just looking at a work of art

  • help students make educated judgments based on thoughtful perception rather that quick first impressions

  • sharpen observation and evaluation skills

  • sharpen painting and drawing skills

  • increase confidence in talking about art and having opinions

  • integrate art into other academic areas

This packet is a valuable resource to any art teacher and to the regular classroom teacher who is integrating art into the curriculum. It is also handy to take along on museum trips.

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