The Grammar Game with Shelf-Ready Stand (#G14): $104.00

An interactive game for practicing grammar patterns-- only from Mandala Classroom Resources

This innovative game allows students to practice their knowledge of the nine parts of speech while creating their own sentences in common speech patterns. Using a magnetic game board and magnetic grammar symbol tiles, students build on each others' sentences to try to use up all of the game tiles and fill the board. Teachers can adjust the challenge by beginning with the first grammar symbols learned and then adding more. Older students can be challenged by restricting the use of more common adjectives, nouns, and adverbs, using a Thesaurus.

Included in the set are:grstandall

The Advanced Grammar Game with Stand (#G18): $118.00

The upper elementary version of The Grammar Game, applying second level grammar knowledge

In this advanced version of the game, students practice their knowledge of the kinds of the parts of speech (interrogative adjectives, collective nouns, numeral pronouns, etc.) while creating their sentences on the game board. Students still build on each others' sentences, but they are also trying to use each of the kinds of parts of speech identified on their Checklist, which we provide in quantity. The Checklist applies a point system to entice the students to stretch their word usage to include parts of speech they may not normally consider (subordinating conjunction, intensive pronoun, for example). To refresh their memories, they can refer to a set of "Refresher" cards that give definitions and samples in a quick-reference format. The Advanced Grammar Game also includes additional tiles (more adjectives, pronouns and conjunctions) than the regular set.

Included in the set are:


Booster Set: Regular to Advanced Grammar Game (#G19): $20.00

Do you already have The Grammar Game but want the advanced version? Here's the answer!

We will supply you with all you need to "boost" the regular Grammar Game to what you need for the Upper Elementary version.

Included in the set are:

Grammo!--A Grammar Bingo Game (#G17): $55.00

An active way to engage students in grammar analysis--fun, yet challenging

This "Bingo"-style game was designed by Mandala to be an exciting and engaging grammar choice for Montessori elementary classrooms. It is most suited to students ages 7 through 12 who have been introduced to the nine parts of speech and who have done some grammatical analysis of sentences in other class work. Grammo! provides three levels of carefully prepared sentences to challenge students to look carefully at the functions of words in sentences as they play the game. It engages students to think and to work together, and it helps them realize that grammar can be fun!

Included in the set, which comes in a sturdy shelf-ready box, are:grammo

Grammo! Booster Set 2014 (#GB1): $14.00

Now available: a second set of play boards and answer keys to enhance your Grammo! game. Your students will continue to challenge themselves with these new sentences, again in three levels to highlight the study of the adverb, pronoun and conjunction. The new boards are designed to use the same number of tiles as the original set.

Imaginary Island Puzzle (#IIP1): $290.00

More than a puzzle: a geography experience for all ages

The Imaginary Island Puzzle is officially discontinued -- our last puzzles have sold as of July 13th. We had a lovely run of many years with this unique material, and we're sorry to see it go. For those of you still desiring a puzzle, consider the Do-it-Yourself version ( We will still offer the task cards, below, as long as there is a need.

Thank you to all our Imaginary Island fans. We hope you continue to enjoy the puzzle in your classroom for years to come. Hang on to it -- it may become a collector's item someday!